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Hope everything is going well. I'm at Cornell Admitted Students Days and I actually have a pretty cool story to share. I was at an ILR discussion session and met with the associate director of undergrad admissions. When I told him my name and where I was from he immediately said he remembered reading about Burger Day in my supplemental essay and complemented me on it - I thought it was really cool that he remembered. Later on in the discussion session he went over everything they look for in the essays and it was exactly what you reinforced when we were working together, so thank you again

Really love it here and can't wait to go next year. Thought this was cool and wanted to share it with you.

- Jason, Cornell Class of 2020

Just a quick email to make your day and show you what an impact you have on teenagers.

We were discussing college as we watched college basketball on TV. Your name came up about the college decision HE made and he said, "I don't think Will knows how much I love him. "

You are rare and I thank you for all you've done with your relationship with our son. Your are a wonderful role model and friend to him.

- Mom of Direct Entry Kelley Business student, Class of 2020

I just wanted to thank you again for all the hard work you put in helping me get here. I know I had a lot of questions/wrote a lot of drafts/was generally a little high maintenance about the whole process, and you were so incredibly kind and helpful. I honestly could not have done it without you. You absolutely take the cake for best (and most patient) college counselor ever!!!!

- Jordan, Northwestern University and Brown University, class of 2018 and 2020

Northwestern University Class of 2020!!!! Thank you so much for all your help Will! Couldn't have done it without you!

- Kayla, Northwestern University Class of 2020

Thank you Will! We are very grateful for your help and support of the twins. We are so proud of the girls. Lynn accepted University of Michigan direct Nursing - her number one choice. Lauri is thrilled about Grinnell and can't wait to take her Dad for a visit.

- Mom and Dad of twin girls, Michigan and Grinnell Class of 2020

I wanted to let you know that I was accepted into Mizzou's vet school!

Thank you so very much for all the essay and interview support.

It was definitely a crucial part of why I was accepted.

- Marc, University of Missouri Veterinary Medicine graduate student, class of 2020

First of all, amazing news! I got into Medical School: UIC! Thanks so much for all the help in making it possible. I've attached all the acceptance information, and was wondering if we could get started with looking into Chicago-related scholarships, financial aid, etc.

You have changed my life and my family and I cannot thank you enough. So Scholarships?? :)

- Nick, Duke class of 2016 and UIC Medical School class of 2020

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